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The Bath
Mini sauna – hand-made wooden sauna on wheels. This is a great entertainment and recreation in nature! This is a pleasure to the body and soul!


The Bath is a mobile. Just imagine taking a sauna at your favourite beach or in the quiet forest. Maybe at a lake where you can take a swim in between. The bath can be used everywhere you wish: near the lakes, rivers and other coasts as well as camping, wherever is possible to reach.

You can use the bath not only in any place, but in any season: heating the sun and in snow falling. This is the perfect solution celebrate hen party, birthday, christening, Midsummer Day , New Year and many other celebrations.

To heat the bath takes just 30min. The unique design of the barrel form of a sauna provides better heat circulation than in rectangular bath. The bath is fully equipped. There are 2 benches. There can easily sit down 6 adults or 2 to persons to lie. The smell and sound of a real fire burning, brings peace and harmony on top of relaxing in a hot sauna.

The bath is gently illuminated by colourful LED system, which creates the magically room atmosphere. This will help to relax, recover and provide comfort.

Essential oil is the basis of smell in the bath. It is very important to having a positive effect on the body and it is perfect addition to the baths procedure. In Mini bath you can enjoy your choice of eucalyptus, thyme, pine, lavender and other scents. If you smell nice for you, then the effect will be positive.